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Litigation and Forensic Strategy

Sometimes, a dispute cannot be resolved by working things out with the other party. Should you need an experienced financial and forensic professional to make your case within the legal system, consider contacting Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell (老葡京手机app) for our trained, certified expertise.

Litigated disputes require a wide range of skills including expertise conducting business or asset valuations, fraud examination and forensic accounting. These kinds of disputes also mean that, unlike in a financial conflict resolution engagement where we can work with both parties, 老葡京手机app’s team works only with you and your attorney to advocate to the legal system on your behalf.

老葡京手机app’s team has participated in hundreds of trials requiring us to conduct research, participate in discovery and present on behalf of a client’s position. We have also developed strong working relationships with litigation attorneys and other professionals across Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia, and are positioned to deliver high-quality expertise to clients in litigated cases.

We assist you and your legal team with the following:

Litigation Support: Our Expertise

老葡京手机app’s litigation support team can refer you to colleagues with other expertise including:

We can provide guidance across multiple areas of financial and asset management as you’re going through this challenging process.

Document Review and Management

Disputes can often be traced back through documents that have been misunderstood, forgotten or even withheld. 老葡京手机app’s litigation support team has significant experience reviewing and analyzing partnership agreements, divorce agreements, tax returns, insurance policies, court orders, settlement agreements, title records, invoices and receipts, bank and investment statements, loan statements and a variety of other documents to identify the actual facts in the face of a dispute. This can bring parties in a conflict to a shared agreement of the situation or support a client’s position if no agreement can be reached.

Forensic Accounting

Some conflicts include concerns about hidden assets and property. When a client suspects that a purchase or income stream has not been reported by another party in a dispute, 老葡京手机app’s forensic accountants can search through private and public records such as titles, credit card statements and loan statements to identify the possibility that a party may have been less than forthright about their stated position, and that they may even be concealing factual information that needs to be considered as part of a dispute resolution or settlement.

Click here to learn more about 老葡京手机app’s forensic accounting expertise.

Expert Witness Testimony

When a conflict ends up in the court system, 老葡京手机app is available to provide expert witness testimony about documented agreements and financial matters. Our expertise researching and presenting factual information at a trial can support the legitimate position of a client or, through the presentation of documented evidence, rebut a legal action that has been taken by another partner in a dispute. 老葡京手机app’s litigation support team members have delivered expert witness testimony in dozens of trials including those concerning marital or partnership disagreements and when valuations have been performed for purposes of establishing business settlements.

Can I save myself emotional distress and money by handling my conflict outside the legal system?

Although Hollywood movies commonly depict dramatic disputes played out in the court system, this route is not the only way to go. If both parties in a dispute are willing to settle their disagreements without recourse to legal options, you can participate in other forms of conflict resolution. Although these alternatives usually involve participation by third-party financial and legal professionals, a successful outcome is usually less emotionally turbulent, less expensive and can preserve relationships that otherwise may be negatively affected.

Contact one of 老葡京手机app’s trained conflict resolution professionals to see how we can help. Click here to learn more.

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