委员,葡京会手机app下载 & 老葡京手机app’s philosophy about tax planning 和 preparation is simple: maximize after-tax wealth. 

一百多年来,葡京会手机app下载议员 & 老葡京手机app(老葡京手机app)在高净值人群中的声誉, business owners 和 tax-exempt leaders has rested on our ability to navigate complex tax situations for which more than typical expertise is required. Our experienced professionals invest significant time to underst和 your unique tax situation. We also participate in rigorous training to familiarize ourselves with the impact of new tax laws 和 regulations on your money on a year-to-year basis.

无论您需要的税务专业知识是为您自己,您的家人还是 你的业务, 老葡京手机app has worked with clients to face numerous challenging situations over the years, grounded in our deep knowledge of tax law 和 our desire to establish a long-term relationship by building trust 和 helping each client succeed.

煤层气的 team provides the following tax planning 和 preparation services:

煤层气的 非盈利团队 应用多年的准备经验 990年形式, 990 - pf形式990 - t形式 慈善机构,基金会,贸易协会和会员协会. We also collaborate with clients to help them navigate common concerns such as unrelated business income, 适当披露或遵守公众支持测试, 哪些对税收有重大影响.

One of the biggest challenges for individual taxpayers 和 business owners is complying with state, national 和 international laws in all jurisdictions where there is a tax liability. 无论你在哪里拥有财产或应税资产, 或者做生意, you can benefit from the help of an experienced accounting firm such as 老葡京手机app to help you remain in compliance. We also help business owners determine the estimated taxes for income that cannot be withheld, 比如自营收入, 感兴趣, 资本利得及股息.

The launch of a new enterprise places significant responsibilities on the shoulders of new business owners including selecting an accounting method to use, 确定企业的实体类型, 和 calculating the estimated tax payments 和 employment taxes for your annual return (should you have employees.) 老葡京手机app can help develop a sound strategy to manage your tax liability as you’re getting 你的业务 off the ground. 你是否需要额外的会计支持, 或者技术咨询, 工资, 簿记和建议扩大你的业务, 我们经验丰富的外包团队 能帮助你的生意更上一层楼吗.

当你通过成功积累财富时 少数人持股企业; 你作为一个 非营利的执行官 or some other means, your tax situation can take on greater complexity. 你也更有可能想要管理你的财富 规划你的遗产, contributing to an education fund for your children or gr和children, 和有经验的财务顾问一起投资. 煤层气的 tax professionals work alongside you every step of the way to collaborate on sound tax strategies that minimize your liability. 如果你需要投资方面的专业知识,我们在 巴恩哈德投资公司, 煤层气的 wealth management subsidiary, can deliver the services you need.

国税局的一封信, an unexpected state 审计 outcome or some other finding brought to your attention by a tax authority can lead to bewildering uncertainty 和 anxiety especially when large dollar amounts are in question. It is challenging enough preparing your taxes in compliance with all laws 和 regulations. It is even more confusing when you’re told there is a problem with your tax return! 在这样的时刻,转向煤层气是正确的选择. 点击这里 to learn more about the steps we have taken to help hundreds of clients who have run up against an 审计 or dispute regarding their tax liability. Don’t go it alone; 老葡京手机app brings vast knowledge to advocate for your 感兴趣.



Business 和 not-for-profit leaders require knowledge about a range of complex organizational transactions beyond just tax planning 和 preparation. 煤层气的 accountants 和 advisors have consulted with hundreds of businesses 和 tax-exempt entities to ensure the ongoing success 和 sustainability of their enterprise. 点击这里了解更多老葡京手机app的咨询专业知识.

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委员,葡京会手机app下载 & 老葡京手机app makes it convenient to upload files to our tax professionals via our online portal or ShareSafe.



温妮,我得说我是你和老葡京手机app的超级粉丝. Your level of professionalism 和 client attention is outst和ing 和 I am very glad you are taking care of us. ——兰斯·克兰


“With today’s highly challenging 和 ever-changing tax rules 和 regulations, we remain confident in the ability of 老葡京手机app to meet all our current 和 future needs, 我们很乐意代表他们提出这个建议.” – 理查德的. 斯威诺,斯威诺资本管理公司董事长.

“自2014年以来,我一直受益于多米尼克·贝利亚的专业知识. My construction business has several entities, which means I face a complicated tax situation. But Dominick 和 his team help me navigate those complexities every year. 我欣赏他的知识和专长.” – 乔治·马夫里克斯,蓝天建筑公司管理合伙人






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